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January 2018

SWAT Television Commercial

December 2015

Horses and People editorial

SWAT is a ready-to-use repellent containing the pyrethroid insecticide Permethrin in a low irritant, oil-based formulation. Its low irritant formula doesn’t contain alcohol (present in most fly sprays), therefore it won’t sting if the horse has been bitten.

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June 2015

ULTRAMAX – 1 Litre

The perfect alternative Broad Spectrum Wormer for Horses

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the horse owner who has multiple animals to dose.

Contains Ivermectin and Praziquantel

Dose Rate 1mL per 50kg Body weight

Available in 100mL and 250mL & NEW 1Litre packs

Australian Made and owned by Pharmachem

June 2015

KEFVET 300‘s Tablet pack for dogs and cats

KEFVET – The Brand you can Trust!

Palatable Cephalexin Tablets for Dogs & Cats.

Protects against the bitter taste of Cephalexin with the added benefit of producing a slippery surface when moistened with the animal’s saliva aiding with ingestion for young and adult cats & dogs.

Recommended by Skin Specialists

April 2015

AURACOL 30mL & 20mL

Ear & Skin Suspension For Dogs, Cats & Horses

Auracol now not only has our original easy flow nozzle for simple dosing, but now also includes a syringe and adapter for more accurate dosing

• Our syringe is smaller than others on the market and allows users to obtain a more accurate dose and reach deeper into the ear to ensure effective dosage

• New 30mL pack size represents even better “Value for Money”

• Colour coded packaging for ease of identification and correct dispensing

New packaging and an additional pack size

Shield and Horse image from Pharmachem

January 2014

Fly Insecticide for Horses

SAME PROVEN FORMULA – Lasts 7 times Longer than Sprays!

The active constituent Permethrin spreads throughout the waxy layers of the horse’s skin from the site of application. It will kill synthetic Pyrethroid susceptible ectoparasitic insects on contact and provide some insect repellence.

Available in 250mL and 1 Litre packs




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